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Brand House Direct Guides You on Picking the Perfect Shoes


There are a lot of shoes out in the world and just as many shoe designers, making it more difficult to choose. Of course, it is simple to skip over the unstylish or suspiciously cheap possibilities, but there’s still so much to love. From oxfords, loafers, boots, heels, trainers and more, the list seems never ending, so how do you choose? Brand House Direct presents you with the perfect guide to choose shoes that are best in quality and pocket friendly. No matter the range of your needs from sole stitchings, quality of materials, inner lining and price, Brand House Direct has something to meet them.

Sole Stitchings
The stitching of the soles is the connection of the upper and lower part of the shoes, this is simple in determining potential lifespan. Most shoes of bargain quality have glued soles because it’s quick and inexpensive, but are likely to fall apart quicker. Blake stitching presents the most minimal look, while Goodyear stitching is the most desirable because of its great support and longevity. No matter your preference, Brand House Direct carries shoes with every type of stitching that will meet your needs.

Quality of Materials
Typically, the best quality of shoes are made with the highest quality of leather, but what about styles like trainers? The highest quality of materials range from cow, alligator and sheep skin to fabrics that include denim, canvas, polyester, cotton and fibers. Animal skin is more popularly used in dressy shoes while fabrics are utilized on casual and everyday wears. To perfectly guarantee quality of fabrics you receive, handmade shoes might be ideal to fit your needs. Brand House Direct provides a list of handmade shoes, which might be a great guide how and where to start.

Inner Lining
The inner lining of your shoes, not only accentuates higher quality shoes, but a detail oriented designer. You can use your hands to feel around the inner lining of a shoe to get a true sense of the quality and detail of the inner lining. The inner soles of a properly and detail prepared shoe should feel flat and all around smooth, primarily at the seams of the shoe. Brand House Direct and their shoes prove to be very detail oriented with specialty inner sole linings that especially keep the consumer in mind.

As presented with Brand House Direct, shoe prices can vary depending on the quality of the materials used in making the shoe. There is no telling how much a specific shoe will cost, but it is based on your standards, requirements and preference of what you think a shoe is worth. The various styles, brands, materials and styles of shoes Brand House Direct offers, there is bound to be something to meet your price point and match your style.

Shoes can be a never ending discussion, but this guide is a lead on where to start when determining your preferences and options.

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